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Research Projects: SERCHAM

SERCHAM - Variability of Solar Energetic Radiation and CHemical Aeronomy of the Mesosphere

In the X-ray and extreme UV (EUV) parts of the solar spectrum, the flux varies by several orders of magnitude, even during short-lived events such as solar flares.

In this project the Sodankylä Ion Chemistry (SIC) model was extended to use available X-ray data from the GOES satellites. This model is used in studying the effects of

  • the highly variable X-ray and EUV fluxes during solar flares, compared with EISCAT and riometer data
  • a solar eclipse, compared with ionosonde and EISCAT data
  • the possible role of solar X rays in modulating polar mesospheric summer and winter echoes


The main collaborators have been

In this project we also continued the collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki and with the international CHAMOS team.

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