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Due to the attack by Russia on Ukraine, SGO does not answer requests for data or technical information from Russia or Belarus for the time being.

Also scientific collaboration and visits are suspended.

This is in accordance with the guidelines of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

08.04.2024 Why Northern Lights viewing is about to get more magical

25.03.2024 PITHIA TNA call for collaboration with researchers, enterprises and public organizations open now
02.02.2024 Ainutlaatuinen hanke selvittää kansainvälisen tiedekeskuksen toimintamahdollisuuksia Sodankylässä
26.01.2024 Tiedekeskus Auroran esiselvityshanke
10.-12.1.2024 XV Observatory Days 2024
01.12.2023 ESA selects limb-sounder mission CAIRT for Phase A development
03.11.2023 The results of a doctoral student's magnetic climate published in Nature's Scientific Reports journal
27.10.2023 Tähtelä Dark Evening (finnish only)
29.9.2023 29.9.2023 Researchers’ night in main building Polaria at 17:30-21:00
29.9.2023 29.9.2023 Researchers’ night in main building Polaria at 17:30-21:00
22.9.2023Possible interruptions in SGO online services due to maintenance work on 25 Sep 2023 between 08-11UT
1.9.2023 110th anniversary of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
15.8.2023 Yhteinen terveytemme II työpaja
21.2.2023 Tekoäly, luovaa teknologiaa - Yleisöluento (only in Finnish)
15.2.2023 PITHIA TNA call for collaboration with researchers, enterprises and public organizations open now
13.2.2023 Arctic Strategy Event: University of the Arctic and its thematic networks a platform for Arctic cooperation
24.7.–4.8.2023 Tutkimusretkiä kosmokseen -kesäkoulu Utsjoella ja Sodankylässä
23.01.2023 Traineeships available at SGO (only in finnish)
08.12.2022 Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory acknowledged with a European award for the observatory’s long-term work
17.11.2022 Ozone impact from solar energetic particles cools the polar stratosphere
11.-13.1.2023 XIV Observatory Days 2023
7.11.–11.11.2022 10th VERSIM at Sodankylä
1.7.–15.9.2022 Call for a program Trans-National Access (TNA)
8.2.2022 Summerjob and traineeships 2022
25.7.–5.8.2022 Tutkimusretkiä kosmokseen -kesäkoulu Utsjoella ja Sodankylässä (vko 30 ja 31)
10.-14.1.2022 XIII Observatory Days 2022
5.10.2021 The Minister of Science and Culture visited the Sodankylä space campus in Tähtelä
13.9.2021 HEMERA flight successfull
11.9.2021 HEMERA onnistunut laukaisu (finnish only)
16.8.2021 Laplands regional threat assessment has been updated (finnish only)
7.5.2021 JOBS (call in Finnish)
Mekaniikkasuunnittelija, SGO
7.5.2021 JOBS (call in Finnish)
Sulautettujen järjestelmien suunnittelija, SGO
20.4.2021 Aurora satellite taking Lapland into space era
24.3.2021 Postdoc and PhD Reseacher Position Ionospheric Situational Awareness
5.2.2021 Summerjob and traineeships 2021
11.-15.1.2021 XII Observatory Days 2021
4.11.2020 Doctoral student, Space Physics
4.11.2020 Postdoc, Cosmic-ray/Solar Physics
20.10.2020 Postdoc and PhD student position open
17.9.2020Website down for maintenance, 15:00 - 17:00 LT
Head of technical unit of SGO
(call in Finnish)
23.04.2020 Dissertation 12:00LT
Edith Liliana Macotela Cruz:
New contributions on VLF radio wave perturbations measured at high-latitudes.
11.8.2020 SGO operations and coronavirus
5.3.2020 The President of the Republic of Finland visited the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory on the fifth of March
27.2.2020 The President of Finland will be visiting SGO on the fifth of March
24.2.2020 Minister of Agriculture Jari Leppä visited SGO on the 24th of February
30.1.2020 Summerjob and traineeships 2020
8.-10.1.2020 XI Observatory Days 2020
13.9.2019Professor Eija Tanskanen is the new director of SGO
27.9.2019 European Researchers' Night 2019
14.8.2018Website maintenance. Wednesday 15.8 14:00-14:20 GMT+3
27.6.2018 JOBS: Director, Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
10.6.2019 Midnight Sun Challenge with ESA 11.-13.6.2019
15.2.2019 Summerjob and traineeships 2019
26.3.2019 1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting
12.-17.8.2019 International EISCAT Radar School
19.-23.8.2019 19th International EISCAT Symposium
19.-23.8.2019 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods
9.-11.1.2019 Observatory Days 2019
13.-15.11.2018 Scale the Space conference
22.8.2018 PostDoc position in radio science
Deadline 28 Sep 2018!
28.9.2018 European Researchers' Night 2018
10.7.2018 JOBS:Research Professor position open at Sodankylä Space Campus
15.5.2018Server problems at SGO 14-16 May 2018, fixed now.
8.2.2018 Sodankylä Space Campus at Tellus Arena
22.1.2018 Summerjob and traineeships 2018
10.-12.1.2018 Observatory Days 2018
9.1.2018 Sodankylä Space Campus (in Finnish only)
Application designer
(call in Finnish)
Head of technical unit of SGO
(call in Finnish)
PostDoc position:
Mesospheric Monitoring of Ozone above the Polar Vortex (MeMO)
Deadline 31 July 2017!
15.6.2017 MATINEA at Midnight Sun Film Festival (in Finnish)
SGO 100 years book available
SGOn 100v juhlakirja tilattavissa
11.-13.1-2017 Observatory Days 2017
20.12.2016 ERG-satellite launch 20.12.2016 11UT
30.9.2016Revontuliluento live stream alkaa klo 19.00 Tutkijoiden yö käynnistyy professori Esa Turusen revontuliluennolla. Voit seurata tätä yleisöluentoa online seuraavasta linkistä
30.9.2016 Tenure Track Position in Radio Science at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
30.9.2016 Open House and European research night
30.9.2016 Avoimet ovet ja Tutkijoiden yö
11.2.2016 Temporal problems may occur at due to server maintenance
24.7.2016 International IS Radar School 2016
27.1.2016 Summerjob and traineeships 2016
13.1.2016 Observatory Days 2016
29.10.2015 EISCAT/VLF Campaign 2015
1.4.2015 Esa Turunen started as visiting professor at STEL
20.3.2015 Solar Eclipse Webcast
30.1.2015 Summerjob and traineeships 2015
13.1.2015 Observatory Days 13.-15.1. 2015
17.11.2014 EISCAT/VLF Campaign 2014
17.2.2014 Summerjob and traineeships 2014
21.10.2013 NordAuropt workshop 25-27 November
18.7.2013100 year celebration of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory in September 2013
27.6.2013Phone numbers change.
From 1st of July our land-line office numbers are not in use anymore. All our staff can be reached on their mobile numbers.
20.8.2013 Mini Course on Spatial Models and Related Issues
6.6.2013 KAIRA opening ceremony

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