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Pulsation measurements

Finnish pulsation magnetometer chain

The Finnish pulsation magnetometer chain is operated by SGO since 1999 after observatory of University of Oulu was joined to Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory. The chain includes six stations in Finland from 60.5°N to 69°N ( from L-values 3.4 to 6.1). Barentsburg station (BAR) in Svalbard was in operation since 4th of July 2005. The BAR station was established in cooperation with Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of University of Leicester (UK) and Polar Geohysical Institute of Kola Science Center (Russia). The instrument was destroyed in the fire of the observatory.

Kilpisjärvi station has been relocated with new 24-bit system with 250Hz samping in Sep 2015 nearby the IRIS riometer and runs as two-component station. Total power spectrum from horizontal components and polarization properties are presented in the quicklook pages. The old station was closed in November 2015. The new station runs with new version of the instrument having better SNR than the other stations. All the stations will be upgraded in near future.

Observer in charge:

Tero Raita
Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
Tähteläntie 62
FIN-99600 Sodankylä, Finland
Phone: +358-(0)294-480864
Fax: +358-(0)16-610248
e-mail: to Tero Raita

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