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SGO pulsation magnetometer stations (01/2021):

Finnish pulsation magnetometer chain includes eight two or three-component search coil magnetometer stations. The most of the stations are nearby the IMAGE magnetometer stations, which sampling limits to 1Hz. Pulsation magnetometer stations locates in Sodankylä, Kevo, Kilpisjärvi, Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Oulu and Nurmijärvi in Finland and Abisko in Sweden. Instrument upgrade to 250Hz system is going on and most of the station runs today with 24-bit 250Hz sampling with cut-off filter at 35Hz. 250Hz stations are capable to monitor Alfven resonators and Schumann resonances in addition to regular geomagnetic pulsations (Pc1-2, Pi, ipdp). Timing of the data based on the GPS PPS with 10MHz reference. Part of the stations (SOD,IVA,ROV) are still running old 40Hz system which was taken into use in 2002-2003. This upgrade with new coils increased the cut-off frequency 10Hz (3dB point) bringing 1st Schumann resonance possible to monitor. However, the signal noise ratio at lower band was weaker than earlier, only the strongest Alfven resonators were detected. 40Hz stations are timed by GPS PPS and sampling rate of the data is 40Hz. 40Hz instrument was deployed to Barentsburg in July 2005 in co-operation with Polar Geophysical Observatory, Russia and University of Leicester, UK. Part of the instrumentation of Barentsburg station was destroyed in the fire at the observatory building in January 2010.

station start of operation geographic
L-val. Comp timing AD converter sampling
KEVO 11/2018- 69.75°N 27.02°E 6.5 XY GPS PPS +10MHz ref 24-bit 250 Hz
KILPISJÄRVI 9/2015- 69.05°N 20.79°E 6.2 XY GPS PPS +10MHz ref 24-bit 250 Hz
KILPISJÄRVI -11/2015 69.02°N 20.86°E 6.2 HDZ GPS PPS 16-bit 40 Hz
ABISKO 07/2019- 68.40°N 18.90°E 5.6 XY GPS PPS +10MHZ ref 24-bit 250 Hz
IVALO 68.55°N 27.28°E 5.5 HDZ GPS PPS 16-bit 40 Hz
SODANKYLÄ 06/2018- 67.43°N 26.39°E 5.4 XY GPS PPS +10MHZ ref 24-bit 250 Hz
SODANKYLÄ 67.42°N 26.39°E 5.1 HDZ GPS PPS 16-bit 40 Hz
ROVANIEMI 66.78°N 25.94°E 4.8 HDZ GPS PPS 16-bit 40 Hz
OULU -07/2020 65.08°N 25.90°E 4.3 HDZ GPS 16-bit 40 Hz
OULU 08/2020- 65.08°N 25.90°E 4.3 HDZ GPS PPS +10MHz ref 24-bit 250 Hz
NURMIJÄRVI -12/2019 62.42°N 25.28°E 3.7 HDZ GPS PPS 16-bit 40 Hz
NURMIJÄRVI 12/2019- 62.42°N 25.28°E 3.7 HDZ GPS PPS+10MHz ref 24-bit 250 Hz

Station coordinates and related other instrumentation can be found here.

Finnish pulsation magnetometer chain
Location of the Finnish pulsation magnetometer chain (01/2021).

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