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SGO - ELTE AWDANet Collaboration

SGO operates together with ELTE (Hungary) whistler detectors in Finland, which are part of AWDAnet ( the Automatic Whistler Detector and Analyzer system's network). This network covers low, mid and high magnetic latitudes including conjugate locations. It has been initiated by J. Lichtenberger (Eötvös University, Hungary). Worldwide, 10 antennas are in operation and 23 are planned/in construction.

Since 2008, there has been whistler dectector in &Tvärminne operated by SGO in collaboration with Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki. SGO provided magnetic loop antennas and frontend to the ELTE'sdata sampling and whistler detector and analyser.Whistler are detected in real-time and processed at the site to get estimation of equatoral electron density. The realtimeness of the network was tested in PLASMON project (EU/FP7 program).

PLASMON Report Summary

Since 2015 the rawdata at 40kHz is stored for later analysis in addition to automatically detected 5s whistler event candidates.

PI of AWDANet:

Dr. Janos Lichtenberger
Space Research Group
Department of Geophysics and Space Sciences
Eötvös University
Budapest, Hungary

Contact at SGO:

MSc. Tero Raita

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