Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

SIC Positive Ions

Positive ions modelled by SIC are:

Atomic and molecular ions:  O+, O2+, O4+, N+, N2+, NO+

NO+ clusters:  NO+(N2), NO+(CO2), NO+(H2O), NO+(H2O)2, NO+(H2O)3, NO+(H2O)(N2), NO+(H2O)(CO2), NO+(H2O)2(N2), NO+(H2O)2(CO2)

H+ and H3O+ clusters:  H3O+(OH), H+(H2O), H+(H2O)2, H+(H2O)3, H+(H2O)4, H+(H2O)5, H+(H2O)6, H+(H2O)7, H+(H2O)8, H+(H2O)2(CO2), H+(H2O)2N2, H+(H2O)CO2, H+(H2O)N2, H3O+(OH)H2O, H3O+(OH)CO2

O2+ clusters:  O2+(H2O), O2+N2, O2+CO2, O2+(H2O)N2, O2+(H2O)CO2, O2+(H2O)2

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